Prayer: Personal Connection to the Source of All Things

Prayer is a word with many meanings. Through this site, I will explore more on this topic. Each person has their own formula around the word ‘prayer’, complete with an entire set of emotions and sometimes life-altering moments that are experienced. For a person who lives a life devoted to being spirit led, prayer is the means of that connection, a covenant; the bridge that keeps us knowing we are part of the Great Mystery, never separate from that which many know as God, or many sacred Names, or that which is the Source of All Things.

Which brings me to the question, do we really know that we are One with the Source of our life? Are we a mirror reflection of what we hold most high? In our daily living, do we start our day with a sense of gratitude for being given another day? Do we send out a prayer that another person in this world is better off because we were given life today? How much time, if any, do we allow ourselves to pray to be in an alignment with the Source of our lives?

The Phases of Personal Connection to God

There are many phases of connection with The Source of our lives through prayer. Each takes you deeper into the understanding of our attachment to and our participation in the partnership which sets us apart as a species. Mankind is given stewardship of the Earth because Man can access Divine Intelligence as a resource. The sole purpose of our existence is to serve God’s need in this world. That is why it, Divine Intelligence/God, is always the Source of all life. We are anatomically constructed with order and precision in mind. Our central nervous systems provide us the sensitivity we need to be able to detect the messages of God, the Creator of All. Our every thought is a dialogue with God, unending. The only question is, what is our “prayer”?

What Do We Pray For?

Prayer is the communication of our state of mind. Our state of mind, like it or not, is a statement of our intention. I once asked my mentor, Pa’Ris’Ha Taylor, “Is there something passed free will?” She told me, “Intention.” Having pondered that, I can now see in my life, that what appears as real, is that which I intended it to be. My prayer is to be the fulfillment of God’s intention for me. That which we intend, we reflect in our choice of what we think about. What we think about is our prayer, when it is released from the personal space we call our bodies. Prayer is always answered.

God Always Responds

The only reason so many people feel that God doesn’t answer prayer, or would deny us, is due to the non-clarity of which we know ourselves to be. You are not clear if you have a doubt about the outcome. You are fooling yourself if, even for a moment, you feel that there is something you can do that would take God by surprise. With confusion and conflict come paralysis. The Universe, God, always hears our prayer. Our very thinking is dialog with God and our prayer is like a postulate, or intent, to be witnessed. Prayer is face to face, heart to heart, topic sensitive communication direct to the One. The One always responds and has effects. Knowing this requires our willingness to accept and feel worthy. The Buddha says it this way, “A man at cross purpose with himself cannot have any of his prayers answered.

I have studied scriptures of different religions and see how often all validate what Christ taught. I also found that science proves the presence of God in all things. So, as we discuss and contemplate on these matters, we will reflect many scriptures and noted servants of the Source. I welcome your thoughts and input. Join me as we explore our thoughts and feelings. Please leave me your feedback; I so love learning.

~ Rev. Veronica West