“All days are the Sabbath”

Traditional Indigenous Peoples recognize the relationship between nature and humans. Yet because they respect and see God in all things – the animals, the trees, the plants, the “creepy crawlies”, the stones, the sand, and all the “Elementals” – wind, rain, snow, thunder, lightning – it is thought by some that they worship these things as God.

They See God/Creator in All Aspects of Creation!

I have come to see more clearly from that perspective. If God is indeed all-present, that means God is everywhere! We don’t need a special day to worship and praise God, because we experience the miracle of life every day we draw breath. That is praiseworthy!

Every experience we have is a Creator working for our highest good. We only need to have faith and know that we are loved.

So it makes sense to include appreciation and an “attitude of gratitude” acknowledging God’s gifts in every day of our life. Every day is Sacred because we are Holy Beings!

By Deb Adler