Plant-topped bus shelters nicknamed “bee stops” are coming to the city of Leicester, UK.

Leicester’s new “bee stops” feature wildflower-filled Living Roofs. Could they help save the bee population? | Alec Gomes/ Unsplash; Clear Channel
Bee-Friendly Bus Stops Are the Latest Innovation to Save Our Pollinator Pals
Leicester’s new bee-friendly Living Roofs will improve biodiversity city-wide.


The Living Roofs, designed and implemented by Out of Home Media company Clear Channel, feature a mixture of pollinator-friendly wildflowers and Sedum (succulent plants also known as stonecrop). It is thought that this could help support Britain’s declining bee population.

According to Clear Channel, it will complete all 30 Living Roof shelters by the end of summer 2021. But it’s not just about bee stops. The company also plans to fit bus shelters with solar panels and smart lighting (which adjusts output based on occupancy or daylight availability) to help manage energy use and lower the city’s carbon footprint.


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