For one still fixated on what the Earth would look like if it was sliced in half the answer is you can’t slice the Earth in half and create two neat sides like an Apple revealing at the core the seeds.

Science is getting close to understanding more about black holes yet the general appreciation of black holes hasn’t extended yet to the acknowledgement of there being at the centre of all things. Traditional peoples have storeys of the void and when one listens to information about symbols that are common across the cultures and the representations of these symbols the information tells us of a central void that is before of the beginning which then creates the material world. Examples of this a said to include the South American cross with the circle in the centre. For more information on the symbols you could listen to the documentary on Gaia Seven Symbols of Atlantis

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Information from other sources are coming in and providing viewpoints with the same conclusion that at the centre of the Earth and the centre of all things, including our own atoms, is a black hole.

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