“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”  Margaret Mead

Collaborating with allies who have a shared vision is critical with any goal, especially if that goal is to create a thriving world for everyone. None of us, individually, have the skills, knowledge, or resources to manifest such a massive shift in our society. Together, creating a Thriving World is well within our reach.

THRIVE represents a decentralized, grassroots movement dedicated to countering the globalist agenda for centralized control over every sector of our society and restoring the wholeness of natural systems. Such an endeavor requires a comprehensive, big-picture view of the problems and solutions as well as leveraged actions taken in each of the 13 sectors of human activity. Working together as a ‘network of networks’ will allow us to effectively mobilize and self-organize as groups – while amplifying each individual’s unique strengths, skills, and passions.

Based on principle alone, it makes intuitive sense to counter the coercive centralization of global power with a non-coercive, decentralized approach. However, decentralized organizations offer many practical benefits compared to centralized, bureaucratic organizations;

  • They allow anyone to join and take action without friction.
  • They harness ‘swarm intelligence,’ allowing members to respond far more quickly to new information or challenges.
  • They allow members to have a meaningful stake in the endeavor and make significant contributions.
  • They are, inherently, ‘grassroots’ initiatives, allowing rapid, organic growth
  • They don’t rely on individual leaders, making their movements much more difficult to censor, suppress, or otherwise threaten.

Our non-coercive, decentralized values are not only morally preferable; they have strategic advantages in obsoleting the authoritarian apparatus. While THRIVE intends to empower self-creating solutions groups by adding a bold and crucial perspective paired with tools for leveraged action, it is up to each individual to take action. We must be the change.

Visit: https://www.thriveon.com/movement/actions/collaboration


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