Peru and Columbia are setting an example to stop deforestation in the production of palm oil while companies like Mars plan some sweet improvements in the sourcing of palm oil. 

Palm oil is by far the most efficient vegetable oil to grow as it takes less land to produce than other vegetable oils. This is why the Mars company is investing a billion dollars to expedite a sustainable solution for sourcing palm oil to the world within one generation. 

“Our ‘Palm Positive Plan’ aims to deliver 100% deforestation-free palm oil by the end of 2020 and advance respect for human rights across our suppliers’ extended supply chains.” 

Today palm oil is used in more than half the world’s packaged goods, across both food and personal care items. And, when produced sustainably, palm can deliver value through the entire supply chain. But, the old way of doing things – buying the lowest cost commodities – just won’t do if we are to address and ultimately fix a broken supply chain. Industry and consumers alike have an opportunity to drive social and environmental change that can make things better for all people and for this planet that we share. 

Mars and similar companies are moving the world toward successful, sustainable smallholder farming and transparent supply chains to make long-lasting change for the environment, workers, smallholder farmers and economies where palm oil is sourced. 

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