“It’s everyone’s responsibility to protect.”

Support Legal Rights of Ecosystems

A new paradigm is emerging to recognize and support the natural rights of ecosystems. To correct humanity’s cycle of plundering and exploiting nature, we can achieve a balance between the needs of human beings, the needs of other species, and the needs of the planet, by extending legal protection to ecosystems.

The societal and technological evolution of humanity has resulted in a zeitgeist of separation from nature. Unlike some indigenous cultures which have a history of living in relative harmony with their natural environment, modern human culture tends to view nature as an adversary or as a mere commodity.

Yet, that separation is an illusion. As powerful as humanity has become in terms of our ability to engineer and control the world around us, we are still fundamentally interconnected and interdependent with nature at every level of existence. We can’t thrive if the world’s ecosystems are not supported. Along with our endeavor to protect human rights, we need protective rules to ensure that healthy ecosystems also have the right to exist and to fulfill their natural purpose.

Read More: https://www.thriveon.com/movement/actions/rights-of-ecosystems

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