First Drug Developed Using No Animal Testing Submitted For FDA Approval

Jack Dunhill
By Jack Dunhill
12 MAR 2021, 16:30
When it comes to pharmaceuticals, testing on animals is a terrible but necessary evil. Life-saving drugs continue to be developed every year, but to reach the market they are subjected to rigorous safety testing to ensure they pose no safety risk to humans. Our current best way of doing this is by testing them in animal models – be it mice, rabbits, or primates.

But what if there was a way we could ensure drugs were safe for human consumption, but harm no animals in the process?

Researchers from Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, believe it’s possible – and they’ve already demonstrated it by producing a promising cancer therapy without testing on a single animal. Using a chip with human tissue on it, the researchers believe they can demonstrate safety and efficacy while bypassing the traditional animal testing stage, and have now submitted their new drug to the US Food and Drug Administration for approval. Their results were published in the journal Science Translational Medicine.

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