Support Uncensored, Independent, Truth Media

Tyrannical leaders seeking to control populations have long understood the power of controlling the narratives that drive society. As human beings, the knowledge we have informs our worldview and dictates what we think is possible, moral, or desirable – which influences how we behave. So, control of information via propaganda and censorship remains one of the primary tools of power-hungry authoritarians.

“To find out who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” — Voltaire

Today, information represents the most heated battleground between the financial elites agenda for global domination and those seeking freedom. While 90% of American mainstream media is controlled by only 5 media companies as of 2011, the rise of independent, alternative media on platforms has challenged that domination. (Note: What are some real freedom platforms- facebook does not challenge anything that is different from what the mainstream wants.) Where the banker/corporatocracy controlled media is known for spreading false, manipulative and disempowering narratives, the Internet has allowed individuals and organizations like ours to spread truth, positivity, and knowledge about solutions to humanity’s biggest problems.


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