Silhouette of man in meditation and surrounded by rays of light and energy

When I was first learning about Quantum Physics, it was helpful for me to break down the information left-brain style, with some hard and fast evidence (the lawyer in me) and see everything out on a page. Recently more and more people have asked me about sources for these principles and where they can find simplified explanations for the fundamental basis of energy medicine and interworkings of the Universe. And so I took those requests as a sign from the Universe that it may be helpful to share this in a public forum space.

With that said, this information is of course not new and there is a myriad of sources out there to serve you. Finding some that resonate with you is a helpful permission slip to accept—whether that be books, shows, documentaries, blog posts, articles, or the like. Whether you already know these principles, and just want a quick refresher course or reminders—or whether you are putting puzzle pieces together for the first time, we are all in different spaces in our personal Journeys of Remembering, and honouring others where we are at, and honouring yourself where you are at, in my mind is the most loving way to move forward together.

It’s not a race, or about the Ego-self. It’s about sharing information and putting together what works for us, accepting what resonates with us, and discarding the rest. In fact, when I teach or coach, I learn the most from people I work with. We are always learning and constantly remembering new things about our true eternal natures. As Rumi said, we are all just walking each other Home.


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