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Present Time and Do What Doing When Doing It

Following is the outine of a course I facilitate on New Moon – Setting Intentions. It covers why intentions are important and how to make them work. The best time to do the planning (setting intentions) is leading up to the New Moon. Then implementing the actions with your projects growing as the Moon Grows :). This post has great videos showing brain cells (Neurons connecting – making new thoughts / beliefs and disconnecting – letting go of old habits etc). Posted by Geraldene Darby Ball

Definition Intention: in•ten•tion (ĭn-tĕnˈshən) noun

1. The act or fact of intending; determination to do a specified thing or act in a specified manner

2. Anything intended or planned; aim, end, or purpose

3. Meaning or import

4. the direction or orientation of the mind toward an object

5. A course of action that one intends to follow.

6. An aim that guides action; an objective.

Origin: Middle English entencioun, from Old French intention, from Latin intentiō, intentiōn-, from intentus, intent, from past participle of intendere, to direct attention;

What is your definition of intention?

Why Make Intentions?

Subconsciously more aware you will see opportunities.

You’ll be luckier and have more positive “coincidences” and enjoy your day more.

Thought and Energy to Matter

– What Quantum Physics shows – waves and particles. (NB Read Dr Fred Allan Wolfe Mind Into Matter, watch What the Bleep and Down the rabbit Hole)

– “The Universe is Information” Parisha Taylor

Discuss what you just heard

Right Now (30 seconds) list 20 things you would do with 2 million dollars.

Why not just write a list of intentions?

– Must have the emotional link to get your brain wired for it. So your thoughts (your internal) interacts with the physical world (the external)

– Not just Visualizing

– You need to DO something with your Goals and Beliefs

– Positive attitude and belief in your self is the first step.

– Ten you need to be more efficient and more powerful and

– Change how you go about life.

– Understand what’s going on in your Brains.

– Your Primitive mind does not understand normal logic – see discussion on brain to follow.

Steps to do more than just a list

The Medicine Wheel – introduction

1) See and know the Final Outcome

2) How can you measuring it

3) What does it look like (ref The Winners Bible, Admin Scale of LRH)

You are the director, producer and actor.

– When

– Who

– How

– All senses

Areas of Our Lives We are most effective when all areas of our life are in harmony

Areas of Your Life to make Intentions For – discussion

Exercise: start to write and ideal scene for one intention / area of your life

How do we know we are making the right decision –

Who has ever said -leave it to the universe it knows better?

Making a decision is being alive.

Falling forward is always learning.

Goals can change 

Our Brain Your Thoughts alter your brains biochemistry and wiring. (see video of re-wiring Dr Joe Dispenser, Read Evolve Your Brain Dr Joe Dispenser plus watch What the Bleep)

Discussion on Brain. Brain not just 1 super computer it’s made up of many different modules each has it’s own function and “personality”.  What does this have to do with intention setting? Patterns, Circuits, emotion additions (ref Dr Candice Perts Emotion Addictions)

Today we briefly cover two areas of brain:

– Frontal Lobes – Thinking mind

– Primitive mind (Limbic system) – Reactive Mind

Discuss what you just heard

Developing new Connections results in additional neurotransmitters as you activate your senses and emotions during visualisation. Neurotransmitters give your brain an energy boost that is more powerful and longer lasting than any ‘external’ stimulant. More you practice visualizing your goals the more powerful they’ll become and the greater boost you’ll get. If you move away from using and area it disconnects that neural connection to reuse the ‘glue’ to increase the strength of connection on those connections you are using–Yeah!! You Can Train an Old Dog New Tricks and break past thought patterns / behaviours that do not serve you.


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