I love nature. I see divinity in the beauty of the flowers, the majesty of thunderstorms, and the kidness of the Dalai Lama. I have come to see that the blueprint of divinity is in all things, all life, including you and me. These breath-taking cherry blossoms are a reflection of what we consider divine. As Pa’Ris’Ha puts it, “We are God’s intention in this world, designed with a specific purpose that no one else can fulfill.” 

Pa’Ris’Ha continues to say that it is in allowing our spirit and our body to work in harmony with each other, one whole, that we experience life in the fullest way possible, just as we dream it. Spirit inhabiting the physical body can only experience love and laughter in form. These beautiful blossoms are clear about who they are and what they came here on Earth to be.

Just imagine, when you and I are whole, our mind, body and spirit integrated to support one another, this is how we look, clear, fresh, radiant. Here is the article written by Pa’Ris’Ha, http://parishas-world.com/returning-to-our-divine-blueprint/. I have touched on only a small part of her wisdom. I encourage you to read the whole thing, a number of times.

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