As one of the best ways to burn calories, body building allows the body to continue to burn fat and consume additional oxygen for hours, even days later. All metabolic processes are greatly enhanced.

Additional benefits to the physical body include increased strength, leaner muscle mass, a more curvaceous figure, greater sleep quality, increased energy, reduced stress, lower blood pressure, and reduced risk of heart disease.

Post menopausal women can benefit from decreased loss of bone mass and lowered risk of osteoporosis,  improvement of cognitive function and memory retention.

There’s another aspect of body building, “a silent side,” as one trainer describes it, one of refining the spirit by training the body.

Recent scientific brain research supports this idea. We know that strenuous exercise releases endorphins, the hormones associated with feelings of well being, relaxation, and stress reduction. When one is more relaxed and feels better about oneself, the production of endorphins increases.

There is a point where mind and body meet through the very act of going beyond one’s perceived limits. This lends itself to increased self-confidence, a sense of personal power, and an inner peace.

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