To Be Divine or Not to be Divine?

Good Question!

Sinner, Saint or Shaman; Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, Buddhist, Agnostic, Atheist, Voodoo Economist…Your Origins and Future are Divinity!

As humanity evolves—pulling itself up by its own flimsy bootstraps—the People’s Divinity awakens in a higher form. It can be no other way.

The Whole Kit and Caboodle Is…As Sacred As 1,2,3!

Du’Tsu, the Spring Frog, announces the rebirth of Purity and Light in humankind!

“Scientific materialism” is a myth in its last death throes. And the arrogant “Country Club” renditions of the world’s religions—that would grant salvation to a nation, an ethnic breed or a select few—are in their end times. Springtime is at hand! YOU are CHOSEN!

    In gentle, light-hearted, common-sense fashion, this book…

  • Propounds the ancient wisdom that knew the universe to be the very body of God, the Divine One, the Logos.
  • Announces the romance and nuptial bliss of the scientific and the spiritual as the knowledge of the Transcendent blends with a faith in the Transcendent’s benevolent constructs.
  • Heralds the Second Coming as the Logos incarnates into Humankind.

The Divine Creator, The One, has revealed a Covenant in the symbolic/mathematical meanings of The Circle, The Spiral, The One, The Two and The Three and in the Giving of All Gifts. The Co-Creators called “human” will soon recognize their own reflection, their own sacredness, in the mirror of the Creator’s universe and pledge themselves to the Universal Covenant of Love. It is time! NOW is the Time to of the Embodiment of Love!