Mike Dellar

I have always possessed a kind of raw curiosity that made me want to know how things work. I pursued the materialistic and physical aspects of that question through my studies and employment and general interest. I am currently chairman of civil engineering at Dawson College in Montreal, Canada.
But that same curiosity compelled me to also explore the semi-tangible crossover wisdoms found in many ancient disciplines and in the course, earned a black belt in Karate.
And pushing the traditional envelope even a little further, I stepped into the reality where everything is energy, and the links to past and future are blurred in the bubble that is created through ceremony. I am a Sundancer and have lived the dance from that perspective many times.
My life purpose is to learn and experience, and to create and promote beauty and harmony.
I am a leader, an innovator and an optimist. I love gardening and the forest and the intricate beauty of a well-written computer program.
As a scientist, I love to learn of the latest developments and breakthroughs. But in my very being I know that our understanding of everything barely scratches the surface. I believe that the “Final Frontier” is our exploration of consciousness, and that starts with an open-mindedness and a willingness to see things differently. That is one of my daily focuses.

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