Diana Eljabi I have been a Mortgage Broker with The Mortgage Centre –  for over 20 years.
I was the Principle Broker at Mortgage Centre SL Solutions 3 years prior then decided to merge with PILROCK Mortgages Ltd.
The hope was to leverage the volume and bigger business model to keep us competitive in mortgage origination.
I’m proud to bring my knowledge and experience to my clients.

I enjoy helping people find the right solution for their financial needs.
if you have any questions, I’ll be glad to answer them.

I also carry a Realestate Sales License which gives me further insight s and knowledge of the housing markets and trends.
I work with customers who are looking to do any of the following:
▪︎ Purchase a home through any first-time home buyers program.
▪︎ Investors are looking for additional properties, single-family residences,s, and multi-unit properties.
▪︎ Access Home Line Equity LOC
▪︎Process Free Mortgage Switches
▪︎Free Credit Counseling
▪︎Refinance & Consolidate Debts
▪︎ Self-Employed & Equity Lending
▪︎ Private Lending For Borrowers & Investors
▪︎ New to Canada
▪︎ Finally Financing for Small to Mid-size Commercial Properties

I care about Civil Rights and Humanitarian Economic Empowerment and am an avid Human Rights Advocate

For more information contact: DIANA ELJABRI Broker diana@mortgagecentre.com

Tel: 905-796-8000
Cell: 416-456-5619
Fax: 647-793-8680

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