Self-confidence is the foundation of effective leadership. But how do you get there?

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I have spent hundreds of hours coaching executives over the last few years, from VPs to CEOs and tens of thousands of hours as an executive in the corporate world. I haven’t had a single coaching client in my practice or a peer or team member in my career who has not struggled with self-confidence. We all struggle at times with self-confidence, yet it is such a critical skill to achieve anything in life.

The truth is this:

  • Everyone deserves to be confident
  • Everyone deserves to be the best version of themselves
  • Everyone deserves to build the life and legacy that they are meant to live

But why should you in particular care about self-confidence, both in yourself and within members of your organization? As a leader, developing your employees to build their self-confidence in your organization will have significant benefits for your company.

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