Autumn’s colors find us even in the desert, our sky talks in colors!! My heart’s memories, our and way of life are based on cycles of nature. I was taught to attune my day and life on Nature’s Way. Sunrises and Sunsets and high Sun is my daily clock.
Moon phases and cycle of the Full Moon and New Moon are my monthly cycle clock. Seasons are my yearly calendar. Each season gives us the time to prepare and plan for change and transformation. We have Rituals and Ceremonies and prayer chats of historical passages of history that keeps our connection to our Ancestors. We acknowledge that they are the collective of our body DNA and live through us. None lost or forgotten. With each Season we include them. We know that our planet is Mother to all life here, our Wisdom teachers say all that physically exists has a purpose and is energy, and so is life. We have one law, Respect.
All this is renewed in me every day at Sunrise and each Season that passes. My Cherokee Grandmother and family come strong on days like this, the first day of Autumn. Happy and healthy Season to all, sent out with Love and Respect! ~GMP