Spring onions. 

This is my favorite vegetable to regrow.  It’s possible that you may never have to buy spring onions again! Just put the whole bunch in water.  Cut off what you need but leave the base and they will regrow.  My daughter gave me a cute onion vase. I just keep water in it and have spring onions growing on my kitchen counter all the time. See the tutorial for growing spring onions in water here.


Most store bought garlic has been treated not to sprout, but organic garlic cloves will sprout and give you new plants.  Plant organic garlic cloves in the fall for new heads the following spring. See my tips for growing garlic here.

Read More: https://thegardeningcook.com/regrow-your-food-from-kitchen-scraps/


The bottom part of the whole stalk will regrow into a new plant.  This is one of the easiest plants to regrow from kitchen scraps.  Just put the bottom in some water until roots form and then plant into potting soil. New shoots will grow up from the base once it takes root in the soil.

Read More: https://thegardeningcook.com/regrow-your-food-from-kitchen-scraps/

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