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Over the last century, we have witnessed the birth and accelerated acceptance of food science, which has become synonymous with processed food.
From pasteurization of milk to the chemical flip of naturally occurring fructose to high-fructose corn syrup, from artificial sugars to purified sugar alcohols that are sold as prebiotics, from carrageenan to soy isolates and monosodium glutamate, it is hard to find any packaged food that does not harbor a chemically-altered compound that our physiology as mammals has never had to handle.
On top of this biologic disaster, we have seen the advent of pharmaceutical inputs entering our food crops, soils, water, and air systems in the form of pesticides, antifungals, herbicides, and chemical petroleum isolates.

This revolution of food science has ushered in the chronic disease epidemic and fundamentally undermined the biology of the planet on a grand scale.

The solution seems obvious: we need to eat healthy, naturally-occurring, whole foods. And yet, as we turn for guidance to medical science, nutritionists, dieticians, biohackers, or social media, we find an extraordinary array of disparate and often contradictory information, often presented with a religious zeal that suggests absolute knowledge on all fronts.

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