Your body is alive because of brilliant biochemistry. As a vast 60,000 miles of blood vessels run through you, your body is producing 25 million new cells each and every second.

There are more intricate connections in your brain than there are stars in the galaxy. In fact, the trillions of diverse cells in your body were actually formed from the same carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen in the stars that shone brightly billions of years ago.

In other words, you are literally made of Stardust.

While these trillions of cells all have their own unique purpose, they also have one thing in common: they exist so that you may thrive. This is how intricately and profoundly special you are.

For eons, throughout time and human existence, no one – not one person – has ever had your unique confluence of jeans, biochemistry, and beauty, until YOU. Olema

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