The good news is you can improve your brain function with a few simple lifestyle modifications that will not only help your brain but your whole body too.
When considering proper brain nutrition, focus on three main areas:
1.) Hydration
2.) Foods that limit inflammation
3.) Foods that promote brain health
You probably associate the term nutrition with food. However, one item often forgotten in most discussions on nutrition is water. The brain is 75% water and without proper hydration, brain function suffers.
Water is essential for all of the biochemical reactions in the nervous system and is a vital substrate in the conversion of food to energy in neurons. When you are dehydrated, you have trouble concentrating and remembering things. You also can have difficulty performing complex cognitive tasks, such as creative thinking or doing math.

Dehydration can also worsen symptoms of anxiety and lead to panic attacks. When you don’t drink enough water, your body releases the stress hormone, cortisol, and this may lead to an increased heart rate, headaches, fatigue, and lightheadedness – all of which can trigger or worsen feelings of stress and anxiety.

Drinking water has been found to have a calming effect, probably as a result of preventing and reducing the symptoms associated with anxiety. Several research studies have found that drinking adequate amounts of water helps to improve mood stabilization in moments of high stress. Grabbing a glass of water may be just the stress reliever you need.

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