The Quantum Leap Book Club literally launches you into the greatest advancement of human consciousness available today.

Here is what you can experience in the book club:

  •  Increase in your reading retention up to 90%
  •  Application of the information to obtain your goals
  •  Life-enhancing changes
  •  Lively discussion with like-minded
  • Participation in the exclusive interviews with the Authors
Each week, Pa’Ris’Ha and guests will be reading books that are cutting pathways to elevated consciousness and then applying them directly into our daily lives with Theatre of the Human Mind. Theatre of the Human Mind allows us to explore the information we are studying and enact it in our own lives. This way, we retain the information we learn and use it to make changes every day.

Science shows that you retain only 8 – 10% of a book’s content by just reading it. Add discussion to reading the information and you can increase your retention and recall as much as 90%.

About Pa’Ris’Ha

Pa’Ris’Ha is a highly sought-after teacher and has an international public reach of over fifty million people. She has presented in over 125 countries

~ Philanthropist
~ Incurable people watcher and humanitarian
~ Perennial student of neurosciences and the brain
~ Practical psychology and evolutionary sciences
~ Peace ambassador
~ Cherokee Spiritual Elder
~ Spiritual teacher
~ Ancient Tablet Keeper and Interpreter
~ 55 years of health, wealth and happiness coaching and training
~ Coaches and trains in success and business
~ Activist, life coach and leader in human development

Quantum Leap Book Club
with Pa’Ris’Ha

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