It was actually because of a relative lull in the encounters with the beings from the inner Earth, that Cezar had granted Radu such a high level of access, and so he had come to know the very important elements about the planet’s interior.

And now he was standing right beside Cezar about to make his first trip to such a world!

Radu confesses that he thought he’d be more impressed and that things would be grander and more spectacular, but it all seemed so natural.  Cezar spoke to him in a very calming manner and Radu realized that he was trying to calm him to be able to approach what they were about to do.

Radu later learned that emotional behavior is extremely important on these expeditions and during these meetings.

Radu is clearly nervous and he even says that it’s one thing to go into a tunnel in which there are only objects.  It’s another thing entirely to go into a place where complex energy interactions and relationships are involved.

Radu explains that because the energy frequencies of the physical plane are merging with the frequencies of the subtle etheric plane towards the interior of the Earth, the energy balance of the being very important and it requires a stability of emotions.

They are standing on the threshold of the Second Tunnel and they are being enveloped in a diffuse green light.

As they move into the tunnel Radu heads for one of the vehicles.  He assumes they will be riding since it’s a long way to the interior, but Cezar tells him they won’t be needing the vehicles and that the road is much shorter that Radu thinks.   He explains further that in this branch of the tunnel things are much simpler and that they don’t have far to go after the initial distortion.

hen Radu notices that it was completely soundproof inside the tunnel, like as if he was wearing sound cancelling headphones.  He couldn’t hear anything except the beating of his own heart.

As they pass the gorgeous colored crystals embedded in the wall that seemed to shine with their own light, Radu perceives a doorway effect, that was mildly unsettling.  The floor here is solid, smooth and almost glossy.

As soon as they pass the crystal area, the sound insulation seems to go away. They proceed a bit further until there about 40 meters ahead of Radu sees something that he has a hard time making sense of.

The tunnel seemed to be offset or doubled upon itself, but the whole area seemed blurred.

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