If you have no or few close friends, what can you do to gain that social connection you crave? Keep reading for some ideas.

Long gone are the days when your best friends were people who lived across the street from you, or were in the same grade at your school. If you aren’t someone who has stayed tight with people you’ve known since you were a kid, chances are you might be a bit lacking in the close friend department.

This is even more common now that so many people work remotely: without the rapport that can develop with work associates, loneliness and alienation just intensify.

That said, making friends as an adult is a lot more difficult than it is for children, and it can be difficult to break into a new social scene, especially if you’ve moved to a new city and are trying to figure out where you fit in.


Below are some social activities you can check out solo, so you can get some much-needed interaction.

1. Museum And Gallery Openings

Are you a fan of art, culture, and history? Museums and art galleries have opening parties for their special exhibits on a nearly weekly basis. These are great opportunities to chat with other people in a low-stress environment: you know that they’re there because they also like art (or whatever era of historical bits are on display), and as such, there’s no pressure to talk about yourself immediately. You can discuss what’s being shown, and will most likely keep running into the same people at future events.


There’s also usually wine and cheese and such being passed around, so you can snack while you’re socializing. It’s also a great opportunity for poor students to take full advantage of, as you can get fed while taking in an awesome exhibit.

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