Science Proves The Existence of a Unified Field of Intelligence

Recently, Parisha Taylor  was sharing that the Unified Field is a scientifically proven intelligent field of energy that permeates and connects everything in the world and universe. We, ourselves, are part of this vast dynamic matrix of energy exchange and manifestation. The Unified Field is the single most catalytic force in propelling the planetary consciousness shift. Extensive published research further demonstrates that human consciousness can directly access and experience the unified field in the most expanded state of human awareness, known as “pure consciousness.”

According to current thinking, life is created by various material processes. According to this new position, life lies at the basis of all material processes. Logic tells us that no matter how many dead things you put together, they will not create life, but a living creature can however create material things with his creativity and intelligence, like a sculptor who creates a statue. The field at the base of the creation, which today is described as the Unified Field by physics, is a field of self-consciousness, infinite creativity and intelligence. These qualities are reflected through the human nervous system, so that we have the qualities of self-awareness, creativity and intelligence.

At the level of the ocean, the level where everything is interconnected, everything is also known. Whenever we get a gut feeling, or be amazed at the “magic ” gifts of some psychic who seems to know things that no one else knows, we get a glimpse of this reality. Everyone has already experienced this in their own way, but because we can not explain it with the current theory about the mind, it is generally dismissed as quackery.

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