In this section of “Breaking the habit of being yourself”, Dr. Joe Dispenza defines meditation as Cultivating the Self.  In Sanskrit to meditate means to “cultivate self” so think about this for a moment.  What does it mean to you? I mean really take a moment and ponder on this because we are so much in the day-to-day business that sometimes we don’t really stop and think about these deep questions.

What does it mean to cultivate self? 

To cultivate requires making conscious decisions becoming mindful and aware of ourselves. So that means that as we prepare to embark on the techniques that Joe Dispenza is taking us throughout this book, we have to clean out the old in order to plant the new seeds.  If you have ever seen farmers clear out the old soil and prepare for new seeds, they begin by setting controlled fires to get rid of all the old weeds and bugs that may be in the soil. They then fertilize and plant the new seeds. We have to know what it is that we want to plant, where, how and what works in harmony with other plants.

Well changing our old habits is no different. Planning and preparation then become really important so we must have daily mindful attention. New habits will not take hold and grow if we are holding on to past old habits.

When you are cultivating something you are seeking to be in control.  “Once the body is no longer in control of running the mind, the servant is no longer the master and you are working in a realm of true power.” Maria Jacques