The music of the desert has stories of times before time, and the sands dance and spirals upward when he comes again to remind us, we are Earth’s Children of Happiness!!
We remember Our Wisdom Keepers would tell us, to be still, he is coming, and we heard the soft sounds of the flute, and then the sand began to swirl and it swirls faster and faster, and as the sand lifts higher they say with delight he is here!!
They told us there are some who say he is a dust devil, pray for them as he taught us, they do not see, there is dust in their eyes and their ears can not hear Spirit, so they can’t believe. The smallest among us whispered, “it’s ok, he will still play his flute for us all, we can tell them, he’s Koko, and he’s real and they will say he is a myth called Kokopelli!! We will say, so see you do believe!!
And as the whirling dust cloud moves his flute softens in the distance to come another day!!

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