…”It’s all in your head Jimmy, the test results confirm that you’re okay”, those were the exact words spoken to a patient. The said patient had run so many tests because of the physical symptoms he was experiencing, however, it turned out, he was going through an emotional trauma, which resulted in physical pains!

The brain, emotion, and pain all have a very strong connection. A good understanding of this will go a long way in helping you reduce pain naturally.

How do they connect?
The three are closely knitted and can affect one another. Knowing how to manage them will serve as a pain relief technique. Below we’ll look at their relationships.

I. The brain and the body
You know that nauseous feeling you have at the thought of a very tragic or nerve-racking event? Well, that’s your brain and body exchanging signals which result in physical discomfort.
When you hurt yourself, your brain networks make swift attempts to rewire. This rewiring known as neuroplasticity increases your alertness level to avoid pain.

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