Have you ever thought of the idea of Oneness or Unity? When you are alone, at night, wondering how could I be a part of everything? What is this Oneness stuff? How could this all work?

Well, the thought came to me when I was thinking about one of my Sons. He was on my mind. And, the next day, I received a call from him and he needed some help. Then there are the times when you are thinking of someone and they call you. Or when you pray for something specific and there it is.

Life shows me all the time how I am a part of a whole. If you pay attention, life is actually filled with lots and lots of these events – we just need to pay attention to see them. Some events can come from worry – worry that I might get sick and sure enough, I do!
So I now know that I am a drop in this very Vast Ocean and my drop counts, has an effect and is related to others. I focus on what I want, let it go, and pay attention to see how this Oneness fills it. What fun life is!

Lois Fladie

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