Pouring with rain outside I know I haven’t let the chickens out of their secure night cage. It’s pretty big and I tell myself that they won’t want to be in this wetness anyway. But then I remember jumping in puddles feeling cool drops on my face feeling the earth is it changes from hard to squishy. Noticing worms come to the surface feeling happy in these childhood memories where I was definitely in the present moment and nothing on my mind about anything that had to be done.

The chickens are probably like this as well so best instead of thinking for them about being wet and cold I go let them have their time in the garden digging in the grass, finding the worms, and being totally present!

Nature is such an awesome teacher, any chance it has to burst forth with new life with multiple flowers, making good of that which is no longer needed in the decomposing leaves and the beautiful red triangle native slug.

So why be happy?

Being happy can be a form of contentment it need not mean that we’re smiling all the time, it can mean though that events and situations that may have made us angry or sad are viewed in that moment of time and not carried with us into the future. A key reason for this is however we are feeling is how we are vibrating. How we are vibrating is what is the waves around us, some may call it an auric field some may call it a vibe, is a message that goes beyond our immediate space and communicates with the universe and like a magnet draws more of those types of activities feelings events back to us.


So to have a future of happiness requires having a present time of happiness. Appreciating anything in particular something about yourself is one of the fastest ways to ensure the future has more of what you C’s ideal. There really is a science to the statement your current thoughts and feelings are creating your future reality.

It may be on reflection that you don’t laugh very much from happy deep laughter, it may be that baptistic releases such as painting or dance or song are infrequent, it may be that the society in which you find yourself have alcohol and drugs as a substitute for happiness in Connexions.

You are the change though

If you have a favorite song or music put it on. Move your body dance! If need be watch funny things on Facebook such as laughing babies. Just be sure to have a timer so you don’t stay too long.

These small things can help remind you of the feeling of happiness.

Now to put this into action for a deeper longer happiness find where you could be of service, it may be in who you say hello to in the street it may be a place you volunteer, through appreciating ourselves and assisting others which could include Bush regeneration or joining a wildlife rescue place. If you think you don’t have time do it anyway. Feeling moments of happiness combined with clear aims/visioned outcomes create more of these.

Elaway De’Ye’NgLi’ta

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