“Indigenous women are powerful! Together we can create real change, so it is time we step into that power. Over the last few weeks, we have worked to serve and organize more than 30 communities of six Indigenous nationalities in the Ecuadorian Amazon. We are working with women defenders for the rights, territories, health, culture, and traditions of Indigenous peoples of the Amazon. We are attacked for defending our rights, our families, our communities, and our forests. We have endured enough! Together we are standing strong in resistance and supporting each other to heal and create a better world for ourselves and our children.”

“Women are the sacred seeds of existence. We are the resistance! We can no longer accept the disrespect, death, and destruction promoted by the patriarchy and by the governments of the world. We resist violence to protect our lives, rights, and territories. We want our territories demarcated now! That is our constitutional right!”

Read More: https://amazonwatch.org/news/2021/0309-women-defenders-unite-to-protect-the-amazon





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