I hope the new year is off to a great start for you and your loved ones. I know that for many of you, a new year brings hopes and intentions of working on new goals, and often those goals are financial in nature. But what I see happen so often is that people have good intentions but aren’t very clear with themselves about what the actual goal is. Wanting to decrease debt is a goal. Or increase savings. Nothing wrong with that. Except they lack specifics, and that’s a big key to not just setting goals but reaching goals. Here’s a framework that will help you work toward any money goal.


Define What Would Make You Feel More Secure

What is the one financial goal that would bring you peace of mind? Don’t focus on what others say you should do. The best goal to set is the one that will make you feel more in control. The goal that resonates loudest and strongest in your gut is the best because it comes packing a wallop of motivation.


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