Greetings to all the Beloveds!!!

It is great appreciation that we welcome you to our Global time together on this day and time. The field, what my people mean when we speak of “The Grandmothers blanket” or some know as the matrix is the oneness we hold, and in that we are interconnected. So when we come to such an occasion as a conference call we span time and distance in such a way that we are not separated by such. And in that we can assist Human liberation. So each person who takes this time to do that act of intention and calls in is an equal part of that healing and act of power. So with all that known, I say Wado!

When we consider that the mountain is made of grains of sand that becomes solid and stone; the fastest, deepest River consists of drops of water, and in the overall of our existence as Human, one of us is as important as another. One drop of water is as complete in itself as the whole River, which in Cherokee we speak of the River as “u we yv” or “a me quo hi” for The Sea.

We are the I AM, the Being spoken of by many Sacred Names, which my people speak of as “the one that is in all things”. So as you move through time as an eternal Being, you need to Observe the Body Mind and see where you determine yourself the God Within.

Take charge and respond with the ability to rule your time in matter/body. Hold yourself as sacred and righteous. BE AS GOD IS. So as you move through life as a whole, learn to BE, OBSERVE, DECIDE.