Gravity Control via Wave Resonance

Here we examine, as a proof-of-concept, the potential of modulating the gravitational metric via electromagnetic wave resonance by analyzing potential natural occurrences: graviton-to-photon conversion by magnetars may explain Fast Radio Bursts and analysis of photons generated by inverse Gertsenshtein effect in the magnetosphere of Jovian planets may enable study of high frequency gravity waves from the early Universe. Human civilization has a relatively proficient grasp of controlling electromagnetic phenomena; so, being able to leverage electromagnetic resonance to couple with the spacetime metric for geometrodynamic engineering may enable us to gain a similar level of proficiency in controlling the gravitational force.

By: William Brown, scientist at the Resonance Science Foundation
Fast Radio Bursts are a strange class of radio astronomy phenomena observed from unknown deep space sources (most are extragalactic in origin). Such fast radio bursts (FRBs) are transient radio pulses of length ranging from a fraction of a millisecond to 3 seconds [1], caused by some high-energy astrophysical process that is not yet understood. Due to the cosmological distances involved and the strength of such signals when received here on Earth, astronomers estimate the average FRB releases as much energy in a millisecond as the Sun puts out in three days [2]. The possible progenitors of Fast Radio Bursts are not easily explained and several theories have been expounded. There is good reason to believe, and evidence suggests, that they may be sourced from magnetars [3]—a type of neutron star with a magnetic field above the Schwinger limit, high enough to cause vacuum polarization—however, it has also been noted that FRBs have technosignatures that may be indicative of artificial origins like signals from an extraterrestrial intelligence [4]. Read More: