Many people have shared how challenging it is to go into the blackness meditation. Some have shared that they have negative connotations with blackness and evil or something scary and struggle to get depth perception. There are many ways to develop a  good relationship with blackness meditation and reduce the fear and gain depth.  Firstly it is important to remember, that however, you do it – you have already won if you sit down and give it your focused attention, regardless if you choose white light meditation, a guided journey through the forest, and jumping into the blackness. I wanted to share here ways I began to develop the depth of perception of blackness:

  1. Firstly develop a habit of meditation, however, you do that is good.
  2. I practiced becoming aware of space around me and expanded that sense of space out to the city, country, planet, solar system, and universe as outlined in Dr. Joe’s induction practice.
  3. After expanding my awareness into the infinite universe I became aware of myself as nothingness.
  4. I say – of myself, I am no thing – and experience myself as the expansiveness.

It is helpful to develop a neural pathway in the brain for depth. Grandmother suggested looking out into the desert and seeing the depth. Another way she recommended is to look at the stars and the moon and see beyond them. A fun way to develop the neural network is to play with virtual reality equipment. You can put yourself write in the middle of space and float around in space and see nothing below you and all around you.

Importantly, whatever you are doing\, be kind to yourself for showing up.

~ Marianne Love