Many may be familiar with the process of burning sage and cedar to ‘smudge’ or bless your environment. I was taught about smoke blessing many years ago by Parisha Taylor. She shared that the use of burning certain herbs – white sage and cedar – among the most common, is a practice used to bring about harmony and balance of energies in your space.

It is a Blessing and not done to “destroy negativity,” as I’ve heard some describe the act of smudging. She explained that the Smoke Blessing is a balancing of the positive AND negative energies. You don’t want too much of either. You burn these herbs in an appropriate vessel.

But…….what do I do if I’m in a room, for example, where I’m unable to light a fire and burn the herbs?

Well, this is where Parisha Taylor introduced us to what she called Traveler’s Spice. Equal quantities of various spices are blended together in a container and placed in your space such as a hotel room.

As a caregiver to seniors, my shifts generally take place overnight
in a client’s home. Often these seniors are not happy to have
someone in their homes, sometimes 24/7. But their children are
the ones hiring us to keep them safe. Needless to say, that could
mean being in space for up to 12 hours where you’re invited but maybe not welcome. You could be experiencing imbalanced energies and emotions.

Here lighting a smoke bowl of herbs to create a blessing and a balancing of the environment isn’t going to happen!

This is where I’ve brought my Traveler’s Spice with me in a small container and I set it near where I sit, opened.

It’s a wonderful and comforting smell. In these days where some may still be homebound for an extended amount of time, this can be a wonderful way to bring some comfort to your environment. If you’re visiting loved ones in a hospital or nursing home, this can be included in your visit and possibly left there as a gift!

Following is the recipe for the Traveler’s Spice blend given to me by Parisha Taylor: Ginger

Ground Sage, and Coffee Grounds

These spices are blended in equal proportions and put in a container that can be sealed. Bring this with you and open your container in your space when you can’t use your Smoke Blessing!

Much appreciation for Parisha Taylor for her many many teachings to keep our environments balanced and pleasant. Enjoy

Shared by Anoli