By ~ Joyce Mollenhauer

My initial comment is my tendency to have an expectation of what the destination of successful meditation looks like. Until recently I have entertained what I now consider a “fictitious” description.   I currently recognize that my meditation journey is still in progress. However, I have become aware that I have made some progress. 

My meditations range from 5 minutes to 45 minutes. In most instances, I have had no sense of reaching the level of brain waves that I know are possible. However, I have come to recognize that even the act of closing my eyes has been the first step to success. I appreciate the slowing down of my thoughts that occur immediately when I shut out visual stimuli. 

I am moving away from measuring against the fictitious image of success that I previously entertained. One powerful outcome is the recognition in recent weeks that I am having a significant increase in personal and powerful insights. These insights have led me to understand some of the limitations and roadblocks I am breaking through.  I celebrate this outcome. 

On page 229 of the current book, we are discussing Quantum Leap Book Club called “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself” by Dr. Joe Dispenza is this list of  6 words – determined, persistent, excited, joyful, flexible, and inspired.  Our author lists these words as important to consider in the “battle” of mastering the body to ultimate surrender to my mind as the master.  The following comments came to my mind with each of these words. 

DETERMINED with a clear decision and intent for my desired outcome as I continue my commitment to master meditation. 

 PERSISTENT to the point of being “consistent” in my meditation practice. 

EXCITED and JOYFUL to me represent allowing my emotional body to open up the way. On page 58, there is an explanation of the cycle of thoughts of the brain and the feelings of the body leading to the state of BEING. When I tap into the natural chemistry of my body, I not only gain control over my body but I also open up the way to success in meditation. 

FLEXIBLE  reflects me moving away from rigid thinking. 

 INSPIRED is a descriptive word for my reaction to the insights I am gaining. I am actually inspiring myself and what a wonderful and new experience that is!

These six words in my opinion can serve as excellent guidelines and a measuring stick to assess my progress and the outcome of my meditation journey. 

 Joyce Mollenhauer cohost Quantum Leap Book Club on August 17, 2022

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