Did you ever realize that thoughts create? Take a look around you. Anything man-made, anything planted by a person, anything you wear, anything you buy in a package, and even more, all started out as a thought in someone’s mind. It was actually a thought that someone made the choice and decided to act on it. In fact, everything we do, say, and create in our day started as a thought and we chose to act on it. And even if we chose not to act on it, it started as a thought. Bottom line is that thoughts create, and the more we consciously take action, the more we consciously create what we want in our day and in our lives.
So in order to create a life we love, a life we dream of, and an amazing future, we have to become aware of our thoughts, our old programming, and what we imagine our future to be. We have to eliminate the old programming, get clear on what we want, and focus our thoughts on creating new ones. We have to eliminate the no’s and negative programs and open to the new. There are no rules that say we can’t change things. And the cool thing is, we can start changing this very second! By Tyrna Cooper