Peace is active, not passive. It is an active process of transformation that we create first within ourselves by transmuting lower conscious states of fear, greed, and anger into joyful and harmonic relations within our entire sentient community. This takes work. The Great Work, Magnum Opus, as practiced by Ancient Alchemists, is performed by today’s science in Quantum Physics and called by physicist Fred Alan Wolf, the new alchemy. It takes each individual to create himself, both spiritually and physically, as one whole unit like one cell in a universe of multiple worlds.


Here is how the science of this goes. There is no outer world without first there is an inner world, no matter without spirit, and no peace without each one of us first come to peace within ourselves and then including all humanity and sentient beings within a single community of what we call life. This reality unfolds based on our own beliefs and experiences. If we choose to transform a world fraught with suffering and conflict, we must first confront our own selves and know that anything in our lives that we are not satisfied with exists solely because we have chosen this experience from our own beliefs, emotions, and environment.


Fundamental to transforming the mind into matter, anger into peace, is “the concept of unity: the great inseparability of all things.” (Fred Alan Wolf, “Mind Into Matter”) Science now understands that all is inter and inner-connected. String theory shows us that there is not one thing that we experience that has not been created within our own minds and spirit. Life and death are not separate. Anger and peace are intrinsically bound to each other. This duality, the field of polar opposites, is the life we experience here, on our planet Earth. The Ancient Alchemists strove to unify the mind, body, and spirit. Today we know that we have never been separate from all that we desire except by our choice to divide ourselves from our divine origin.


Awareness is the first key to achieving unity of mind and spirit with an outcome of peace and harmony. To be aware only of matter and body is to separate ourselves from our imaginal and mental realm, which as Wolf writes, “usually leads to some form of disaster in a person’s life.” To be completely aware of body and self is a form of narcissism. At the same time, placing awareness only on your mind and imagination will result in dire consequences for your body. Awareness of anger only leads to more anger. What each one of us must do is become aware of the effect of the mind on the body and vice versa, the body on the mind. Only then can we become aware of when our unconscious minds influence our bodies. Only then can we activate peace for ourselves and all life.


And in this great inseparability of all things, we become aware of the fact that we cannot have death without life, peace without anger, and day without night. In our great world of duality, there is no right and no wrong. Reality is experienced as we remember it, influenced by our beliefs, emotions, and level of consciousness. The world, life, cannot exist without us. Just by being here, in this room together, we influence all life as our consciousness expands. Satellites and instruments not known to the common man are measuring the psyche of the entire world, right now. What we choose to think, and the way we choose to act influence all life. Right now, we are enhancing the meaningfulness of life for all, and for all, we can create all good things by the way we each act upon this knowledge. This is wisdom. This is science.


This connection to all things is the I that dwells within each one of us. We each have countless opportunities to create unlimited possibilities, each a world. Peace and our world depend on us and our interactions. As Wolf says, “you affect everything else in truly countless ways. Peace depends on what we believe is real. Is life all good things, full of health, wealth, and happiness for all, or not? Science proves that is up to each one of us to choose.