Foster Gamble. – The Thrive Movement 

Foster grew up in en environment of privilege and power as a direct descendant of one of the founders of Procter and Gamble. He was groomed to be a leader in the establishment, but he chose a different path. He acknowledged people’s hardship and questioned himself if it was even possible for people to thrive. 

As a comprehensivist and solutionary, he started a path of discovery. He was interested in science and how the universe worked. He found patterns in nature embedded everywhere from atoms to atomic particles. He also realized that issues seemingly disconnected like wars, the global financial collapse, justice and other topics were connected. 

He produced the Thrive I and Thrive II documentaries that tell us what is stopping the world from thriving and what can we do to achieve it.Foster, the founder of the Thrive Movement, will be interviewed at the Solutions for Freedom Conference on the Thrive Solutions Model: A methodology to empower groups to self-organize around effective solutions and to link with other communities to benefit from each other’s experience and progress. The model allows the creation of effective group meetings, matching needs with resources, and taking leveraged action. Listening to Foster is nothing less than fascinating, and you will learn about the methodology that can help you work effectively with others and implement solutions to the current global issues. 

Thrive I. What on earth will it take? 
Thrive II. This is what it takes 
The 12 interconnected sectors that cover all areas of human activity 
Solutions: What can I do?