We are beginning a new journey of adventure and scientific intrigue with Radu Cinamar’s fifth book in his Transylvania Series. Above is the natural stone sphinx phenomenon in Rumania that looks just like the Sphinx of Egypt. Is this truly a second tunnel to the Inner Earth connecting just like in Egypt A high-ranking member of Romania’s most secret intelligence service, Department Zero, Radu Cinamar has written five previous books concerning the discovery of a secret chamber beneath the Romanian Sphinx which contains advanced technology and a projection hall that holographically tell the history of Mankind. Radu has been involved in Unacknowledged Special Access Projects for the better part of two decades and has also written about mysterious civilization inside the Earth.” ~ Google Books
“Inside the Earth: The Second Tunnel continues the incredible adventures of Radu Cinamar as he actually visits different civilizations within the Inner Earth and offers plausible scientific data to back up his stories and various claims. Radu also explains why the Inner Earth has remained so elusive previously and shares a unique way to actually penetrate the Inner Earth through the process of feeling and the effects that will develop from such an experience. Multiple illustrations are included revealing the geography of Inner Earth. We also meet Radu’s old friends Cezar and Dr. Xien who share in the process of educating and initiating humanity with regard to its hidden history.” ~ Amazon book description.
Here are some notes:
First Move into the Second Tunnel – pg 116

It was actually because of a relative lull in the encounters with the beings from the inner Earth, that Cezar had granted Radu such a high level of access, and so he had come to know the very important elements about the planet’s interior. And now he was standing...

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Thoughts on Diplomacy – pg 115

Remember last week when we finished up on page 114, one of the last points that we highlighted was that leaders should not be setting their countries’ strategies using limited, materialistic thinking, when the scope is so much greater. Radu goes on to explain that...

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Difficulties With Decision-Making – pg 114

As we have heard, many senior government officials do not believe the reality within the Earth. They do not understand the ultra-secret reports they get to see for two reasons: Lack of conceptual training; Habit of relying too much on advanced technologies and actions...

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The Crazier You Appear ….

The more I read this book and reflect on what Dr. Xien and Cesar force us to face, the more convinced I am that what we know is a scratch on the surface of true knowledge. We believe we understand pretty well how the universe works, but I think people in the future...

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The Problem with Gravity – pg 97

Little is actually known about gravity.  The nature of the force has not been described, nor how it works.  It’s only really described by the effects it produces.  It’s source is unknown; and its behaviour cannot be described at the quantum level. Scientific studies...

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pg 88

Dr. Xien comments to Radu that scientists generally despise or disregard spirituality and metaphysics because they can’t measure it. But, that if they would approach, even the most basic concepts with an open mind, they would see that it is not only possible, but...

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Dogmatic Thinking – Does It Limit Us?

Sometimes you see or read something that really catches your attention or makes you think. There is a quote on page 87 of Inside The Earth – The Second Tunnel that caught my attention and made me think. The quote from the book is spoken by Dr. Xien about questioning...

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Black Holes and Red Triangle Slugs

For one still fixated on what the Earth would look like if it was sliced in half the answer is you can’t slice the Earth in half and create two neat sides like an Apple revealing at the core the seeds. Science is getting close to understanding more about black holes...

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pg 85 – The Role of the Black Hole

Dr. Xien tells Radu that everything that manifests in the material plane, from the biggest to the smallest, is born because of an energetic vortex that appears in the material plane as a black hole.  He went on to explain that the role of the central black hole is top...

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pg 83 – Transformation

Dr. Xien has just told Radu that if he tries to visualize physically moving towards the center of the planet, by digging or whatever, that he will reach a point, at about 2000 km deep, as he moves through the transition into the etheric plane, where, strictly from a...

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